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Inspired by beauty

Find out a bit about the team at Modish + Muse, our energising loft space and our approach to natural and maintainable beauty.

Our Space

Modish + Muse is a haven. Secluded on the second level, we sit up above the day-to-day distractions of life and offer a beautifully curated space designed to help you recharge, while you maintain your beauty and injectable essentials.

Nutthida Boonprasert

Director & Advanced Nail Technician


Inspired by BEAUTY. Since 2005, Nutthida owner and founder of Modish & Muse. has been taking the beauty industry, particularly in the nail and eyelash extension sector by storm, providing clients with a wide variety of beauty and aesthetics products and services. 

"I'm obsessed with all things BEAUTY, whether it's a product that needs to be applied topically or a product that needs to be injected or ingested. If you tell me that the product will give me any BEAUTY BENEFITS... I'm all ears!"

I have long been obsessed with the beauty of nail art. All the colours glitters, designs, shapes and the best part... it's only temporary! There's no 100% commitment to what is applied on your nails as long as it's done correctly and you have the freedom to change up the vibe every few weeks to a month. So why not let your inner creativity thrive through our help!? Do not let all the options intimidate you because the professionals are here to help! Or who knows, you may have a more creative streak up your sleeves than us and just need a little help to make it your reality.

So please, let me share this obsession of mine with YOU  through Modish & Muse." 

My Story Amongst the world of Beauty my other interests, like most women my age, I LOVE fooooood, wine, arts, animals and fashion. We also recently built a new house from the ground up so naturally, I've taken huge interests in building materials and interior designs. Ohh and I used to love to travel until COVID hit. Prior to 2020, two sometimes three times a year you could tell me a place with a swim-up pool bar and I would have gotten my passport out ASAP. On the professional side, I have been a qualified Nail Technician since 2005 and have since won first and second place titles in the New Zealand Nail Competitions in years 2016 and 2017. My passion grew from creating nails and nail art to teaching, so naturally, I became an educator for a few international nail brands that had distributors here in New Zealand. Eventually, one thing leads to the next, in 2019 I became a qualified International Nail Judge through INJA with my first event as a judge in June 2021 held in Auckland, New Zealand at the New Zealand Beauty Expo. Professionally, other than Nail Technology, I also did my qualifications in Thailand to become a Beauty Therapist and a Health Spa Instructor. However, I didn't pursue down that path. Like most young students, after leaving high school, you are given the option to further your studies through university/ tech or apprenticeships. Everyone tells you that the "World is your oyster" and to "Make something of yourself" through these pathways. "Well sh*t!!!," I thought. I've been putting my hand up in my classrooms for the last 13 years of my life just to ask to go to the toilet, and now you tell me that the "World is my Oyster" and to decide for myself what to do for the rest of my life!? Well truth be told, I took the easy way out (so I thought at the time) and went to university to study Hospitality Management followed by a Bachelor of Business ( and thank goodness I passed!) I studied Finance, Event Planning, Gastronomy during my first 2 years at Auckland University of Technology followed by a further 3 years majoring in Marketing, Business Design and a minor in Sales also at AUT (all this whilst also working for my family Day Spa business).​ Annnnd now..., Having been in the Beauty Industry for over 15 years, I branched out from my family Day Spa business in my early 20s and pursued my passion in beauty, art and fashion by establishing beauty businesses and salons in Auckland. ​ So, here I am, making the World my Oyster!

Dr. Shareen Jacob

Cosmetic Injectables Specialist

I have always had an interest in shape and form, so when I was working as a General Surgical Registrar in the UK and came across an introductory course in Aesthetic Medicine (19 years ago), I knew instinctively that this was my calling.


Ten years ago I moved to New Zealand and created a boutique cosmetic injectables practice. Since founding my mobile clinic, I have performed over 40,000 cosmetic procedures involving facial reshaping and anti-wrinkle injections. 

I currently also work as a General Practitioner in Pukekohe, as well as managing medical in-patients at Pukekohe Hospital.

I pride myself on working with care and dedication to help my patients look and feel great. I view and assess each client's face as a whole and use my artistic eye with a ‘less is more’ approach towards restoring shape, balance and symmetry. The results produced are consistent, natural enhancements.

I feel passionately that all practitioners should have a holistic and artistic approach to facial rejuvenation, and continue to share my expertise in this area with regular conferences both here in New Zealand and  in Australia.



Cosmetic Injectables Specialist

Sirinya has been a registered nurse for over 10 years, bringing us a wealth of knowledge and experience.

From Appearance Medicine, Medical Oncology, Haematology, Respiratory & Research. Sirinya started her Cosmetic Nursing career working at one of the country’s biggest franchises before starting Hello Aesthetic.

Sirinya is committed to be YOUR skin and beauty BIGGEST cheerleader.

Sirinya will be offering Dermal Filler, Anti-wrinkle, Skin Bio-remodeling Injectables, and Microneedling treatments.

Sirinya will be with us Tuesdays and Thursdays on alternating weeks to begin with. Have a chat with us for suitable appointment times for you.

*If you're booking online please note that cosmetic injectables/ appearance medicine treatments on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be with Sirinya. Wednesday evenings and Fridays will remain with Dr Shareen Jacob.

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